Arts & Entertainment

It’s Show Time

Where would we be without music, movies, painted masterpieces? As advertisers, all of us here at UPBrand draw constant inspiration from the world of art and entertainment—and when we get to work directly with brands in those categories? Now, that’s a good day. Our team is experienced in producing every aspect of omni-channel campaigns that put your brand right where it belongs: in the spotlight.

To start, we ask ourselves…

Spirits & Beverage

Raising Glasses & Lifting Spirits

Tequila, Irish cream, whiskey, vodka sodas. UPBrand’s back bar is stocked with more than a decade’s worth of expertise gained from marketing spirits and beverage brands from around the globe. In an increasingly competitive market, we tell each brand’s story through campaigns that capture an aspirational lifestyle the audience yearns for. Your brand is more than just a drink: it’s an experience. And we’re here to bring that to life.

Throughout our process, we ask ourselves: How do we…

Digital Marketing & Conversion Funnel Optimization

Driving Real Results

We live in a digital age, and the transition to “online, all the time” has only been accelerated by the pandemic. So, knowing how to navigate the world of digital advertising is paramount to a brand’s success. Here at UPBrand, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience engineering digital campaigns that capture attention, beat the competition and make the consumer journey as engaging as possible.

With all our work, we ask ourselves: How do we…

Advertising Strategy & Production

Putting Research into Action

In advertising, a good idea is only good if it has solid bones of research, audience insights and brand strategy. Luckily, UPBrand has plenty of creative calcium. We help brands build sturdy foundations for every campaign then see those ideas all the way through production. Research, concepting, video, photography, all types of content creation, post-production, you name it. At UPBrand, we’re full service, and everything we do is inspired by strategy.

Some things we consider:

Employer Branding & Employee Engagement

Powering Internal Initiatives

When it comes down to it, every organization is powered by one thing: its people. Employees are living proof of a brand’s promise, and their interactions with consumers shape a crucial part of the brand experience. So, keeping team members happy is a must.

At UPBrand, we specialize in creating employer brands that build a foundation of trust, create a unified identity and achieve goals.

We start by asking ourselves a few questions:


Helping Brands Help Others

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the past few years, it’s the power of adaptability. From updated mask mandates to new vaccines, change has become a constant in our lives, and no one knows that better than the health care industry. Hospitals and their networks are still navigating unpredictable environments which makes responsive messaging key to a brand’s success.


At UPBrand, we may not be doctors, but we’re experts in flexibility—keeping our fingers on the pulse of current market trends and consumer needs. We use a strategy-driven process to develop campaigns that capture attention, and mostly importantly, help our clients help others – whether it’s through building their teams, their cultures or their lines of business.

To kick off our process, we ask ourselves a few questions:

Brand Strategy & Design

It’s All About the Game Plan

A big meeting. A championship play-off. A speech at your best friend’s wedding. You wouldn’t wing any of these things (at least, we hope you wouldn’t). Strategy matters, and at UPBrand, we don’t leave anything up to chance because we know plans drive results. From rubber mulch to whiskey, we start every project from the ground up—diving deep into research, audience insights and more to ultimately produce breakthrough campaigns.

To start, we think about a few things:

Consumer Products

Making Consumer Goods Great

The first step in successful marketing is having a quality product people want. You’ve already got that, so let UPBrand to take it from here. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with a diverse portfolio of clients to get their products off their hands and into the consumers’. From brand managers to creatives, our skilled team works together to push a consumer’s mindset from “I want that” to “I need that. NOW.”

We start our process with a few considerations:


Welcome In

It’s no secret that the world has cabin fever. After years of pandemic restrictions, people are itching to travel, so the need for excellent hospitality—and solid branding behind it—is in high demand. As a full-service agency, UPBrand helps hospitality clients solidify their brands with strategy-driven campaigns that make “Enjoy Your Stay” a promise, not a suggestion.

To start, we ask ourselves a few things. How do we…

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