Making Consumer Goods Great

The first step in successful marketing is having a quality product people want. You’ve already got that, so let UPBrand to take it from here. Over the past decade, we’ve worked with a diverse portfolio of clients to get their products off their hands and into the consumers’. From brand managers to creatives, our skilled team works together to push a consumer’s mindset from “I want that” to “I need that. NOW.”

We start our process with a few considerations:

Solid Gold Pet Food

You’d do anything for that furry, four-legged family member, so why not give them the best nutrition? UPBrand leveraged industry insights and the product’s point of difference to show pet owners that the benefits of Solid Gold pet food are worth their weight in…well, you get it.

Solid Gold Case Study

Klogs Footwear

With our assistance in understanding the target audience and a fresh tagline to match, UPBrand helped Klogs shift its strategy and gain a stronger foothold in the professional market.

Klogs Case Study