Arts & Entertainment

It’s Show Time

Where would we be without music, movies, painted masterpieces? As advertisers, all of us here at UPBrand draw constant inspiration from the world of art and entertainment—and when we get to work directly with brands in those categories? Now, that’s a good day. Our team is experienced in producing every aspect of omni-channel campaigns that put your brand right where it belongs: in the spotlight.

To start, we ask ourselves…

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

Pearls, floor-length velvet dresses, those little binoculars people use in box seats. UPBrand partnered with Opera Theatre of St. Louis to combat these preexisting perceptions and show younger audiences that opera isn’t just accessible to everyone—it’s the better entertainment alternative.

Opera Theatre of St. Louis Case Study

St. Louis Symphony

Thanks to strategy, research and an elegant new identity, UPBrand guided the world-class St. Louis Symphony out of a rough patch and back onto the center stage of entertainment options in the region.

Saint Louis Symphony Case Study