Raising Glasses & Lifting Spirits

Tequila, Irish cream, whiskey, vodka sodas. UPBrand’s back bar is stocked with more than a decade’s worth of expertise gained from marketing spirits and beverage brands from around the globe. In an increasingly competitive market, we tell each brand’s story through campaigns that capture an aspirational lifestyle the audience yearns for. Your brand is more than just a drink: it’s an experience. And we’re here to bring that to life.

Throughout our process, we ask ourselves: How do we…

Exotico Tequila

Made in the Highlands of Jalisco by expert distillers, every drop of Exotico Tequila is infused with vibrant Mexican tradition. In a saturated market, this adventurous spirit needed help standing out and demonstrating the lifestyle that comes with trading up to 100% blue agave.

Exotico Tequila Case Study


Let’s face it: Everclear has a reputation, BUT only for one of its uses. To overcome negative stereotypes around the grain alcohol, our team looked beyond jungle juice to educate consumers on the versatile spirit’s wide variety of culinary, infusion and household applications.

Everclear Case Study