Creative agencies don’t like to talk about process. We do.

Creative is sexy — creative process, not so much. But you can’t have one without the other. Leveraging decades of experience, we’ve developed a tested process to deliver excellent service, on-brand creative and on-time projects.

Every engagement begins with a Discovery process designed to gather perspectives, collect data and immerse ourselves in your brand. Then, we get to work. We’ll align on expectations, develop work plans and release the hounds of creativity. This is where our process shines – it provides the structure necessary to keep us efficient while also being open enough to allow divergent thinking.

Our detailed project process will guide us throughout and our Brand Managers will guide you. We’re committed to working collaboratively with you during the entire experience. And when we’re done, we’ll check in on how things went and identify ways to improve next time.


At UPBrand, we’re pushing the limitations of typical client and agency relationships. Because without the burdens of tired assumptions and presumed constraints, we’re free to invent. And that’s when the magic happens. Here’s how we like to work with our partners.

Incredible Clarity

We’re totally committed to flexibility in most areas, but moving targets are frustrating and expensive. Let’s outline goals and processes together and commit to them upfront, so we can all focus on what we do best. Oh, and please let us know how we’re doing along the way. That’s how we get better.

Extreme Transparency

Being honest and sharing all the information builds trust and, frankly, healthier relationships. We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your team, so let’s break down some walls and treat each other like colleagues.

Start with the Problem

If you bring us the challenge, we can help you solve it. A relentless focus on solutions is one of our driving forces. The more clear you can be about the challenge, the more productive we can be in helping you squash it.

Two-Way Solutions

No matter how much Discovery we do, we’re never going to know more about your business than you. Just like we’re experts at what we do. When you’ve got a big hairy problem, we definitely want to hear your ideas about how to solve it. AND we’d like to lend our expertise to help.

Assume Best Intent

Our goal is to help you reach yours. We don’t have a secret agenda to win or to sell you something. Of course, we want to be fairly compensated for our work, and we’re open to discussing those needs, but that doesn’t get in the way of us honoring our commitments to you and delivering the best possible work.

Relationship Goals

This business is full of crazy twists and turns, and the only way to navigate it is together. We prefer “partner” not “vendor” because we like to be in committed relationships, not transactions. We’ll be your biggest cheerleader when things are going well, and when they’re not? We’ll listen and adjust.

Your brand is not just a logo, a website or a piece of promotional swag. It’s a movie that plays in your head when you interact with anything associated with your brand. The trick is to get the same movie playing in a lot of heads simultaneously.

Branding starts with a promise: a promise of one singular benefit the brand will deliver time and again. The Brand Promise describes the essence of the brand in an authentic, compelling and differentiating way.

But what makes that promise true? Why should anyone believe it? Enter Brand Attributes. These are the reasons to believe, and they become the springboards for all brand communications.

The Brand Promise and Brand Attributes combine to form the Brand Platform, which creates a memorable brand story that serves as the cornerstone for all brand expressions, like the visual Brand Identity, Website and Creative Campaigns.

But enough about how we build and refresh brands. It’s who we are that makes the magic happen. Guided by our core values, every UPBrander brings a sharp skill and unique perspective to every project. Our collaborative approach calls on each of us to be curious, challenge ourselves and embrace risk. That’s how we get better: for ourselves, our work and our clients.