The Peabody Institute is the oldest and one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the US, if not the world. It has honed and nurtured the talents of composers, vocalists and musicians for generations and holds over 1,000 performances and events on its campus every school year.

Brand Strategy

Over the years, Peabody had struggled to find a unique position among its competitors. It needed to find what set it apart from other conservatories to improve its perception among prospective students. Finding a compelling balance of high achievement and a collaborative spirit was paramount to the future of the institution.

Through a rigorous discovery process, we rallied around the attributes “Excellence,” “Connection,” and “Innovation,” culminating in a brand promise that would serve as a strong foundation for the school and its goal:  Inspired human endeavor through performing arts excellence


Translating the brand promise into a tagline requires laying out a clear goal to people both inside and outside the school.

In the interest of inspiring students, we shifted the goal to their perspective rather than the school’s, asking them to consider what they could accomplish with a Peabody education.

The Power of Music

With this new branding and positioning in tow, we developed a brandumentary based on the brand platform that captured the essence of Peabody. We worked with three videographers to capture images in classrooms, practice sessions and live performances, and we conducted on-camera interviews with students and staff to communicate Peabody’s values and promise. We even commissioned an original and moving score for the video from one of the school’s doctoral candidates and other students.

“It’s delightful, to the point and keeps it simple. I’m honored to have been a part of it.”
– Violaine Melancon, Violin Faculty
“I just cried at my desk watching that spectacular, moving video. Gorgeous work. It makes me so proud to work here and to be an alum.”
– Jessica Satava, Concert Office

“We are so excited about this! It is substantive and compelling and really hits the mark. Thank you!”

– Tiffany Lundquist, Director of Marketing and Communications