The Quiet Man

The Quiet Man is a traditional Irish whiskey inspired by one man’s storied career tending bar. With a rich story and smooth taste, distributor Luxco turned to UPBrand for help bringing this brand to market.

Brand Guidelines

Brand strategy starts with brand consistency. In order to promote The Quiet Man, we needed to get aligned on how the brand looks, feels and shows up on everything from the bottle to its social media.

After a rigorous research and Discovery process, our work culminated in a brand guidelines document that housed the brand’s most fundamental elements, from its target consumer to its signature voice to its key selling points.

The brand guidelines document also offered an opportunity to refine the brand’s visual identity. The Quiet Man walks a fine line between sophistication and approachability, so our direction on photography, textures, color and beyond were critical to maintaining its unique position in the market.

Brand Video

A lot of brands have to dig deep to find their story — but The Quiet Man wears it on its sleeve. More than anything, this brand is a tribute to a dearly departed father, whose influence lingers in every pub and every glass. We produced this 60-second brand video featuring brand founder Ciaran Mulgrew reflecting on the memories and values that define The Quiet Man.


To help build the brand’s online presence, we designed an all-new website for The Quiet Man — one fit for the man himself. The new website balances style and substance with a timeless design and rich content. Featuring a product locator, brand history and cocktail recipes, there’s always a reason to duck into The Quiet Man’s corner of the internet.


Ask any bartender and they’ll tell you: it’s all in the presentation. For The Quiet Man, we shot and directed a number of photoshoots to show off the brand’s signature cocktails. We chose interiors that suited its distinct style: warm lighting, dark wood, classy music — the kind of place that always knew your name and your drink.

Social Media

Translating The Quiet Man’s more traditional tone to the fast-moving world of social media required care and attention. But swipe through the feed and you’ll find a pleasing collection of shots and stories fit for barside conversation. Our goal was to treat The Quiet Man’s followers as guests at the bar, always treating them to an open ear and a good story.


For all The Quiet Man’s regulars, we wanted something special to reward their passion. We designed a series of shirts, sweats, hats and more — all in the brand’s iconic style. So wherever they go, the spirit of The Quiet Man’s not too far behind them.

Digital Data

For The Quiet Man, we incorporated a mixed marketing model to reach and delight users from the broader awareness phase to the more narrow conversion phase. Key platforms for our strategy included Google Search, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify and Programmatic Video. Using a combination of website and user data, we built retargeting and lookalike audiences based on online behaviors. That enabled us to create more relevant ads — and more effective campaigns.