Solid Gold
Pet Food

In 2018, Solid Gold Pet came to us to help them codify their position in the marketplace – one traditionally divided between natural diets and science-based diets. But were they a natural brand in the science-based brand space, or were they a science-based brand in the natural space? After some research and testing, we established that Solid Gold Pet ownably served both. Their food provides science-backed benefits thanks to their natural ingredient formulations.

Over the years, UPBrand has helped Solid Gold Pet evolve their strategy from taking competitors head-on to developing a new space in the market. We’ve educated target consumers by making approachable, science-backed videos. And we’ve broken through key retailers like Petsmart and Petco with original positioning, strategic digital tactics and thoughtful campaigns.

Competitive Digital Campaign

Though Solid Gold boasted many of (if not more than) the health benefits that science-based brand competitors promised, the ingredients could not have been more different. So we developed a campaign that made the connection between natural ingredients and their noticeable health benefits.

The campaign took competitors head-on by showing how whole-food ingredients win out against formulas and compounds. The campaign was executed across digital channels and included a bright, engaging video we executed with our studio partner, Vidzu Media.

Messaging Strategy

As the market changed and natural diets became a part of pet owners’ consideration sets, Solid Gold had the opportunity to zero in on a new, more specific brand promise and a handful of equally specific reason to believe. From these insights, we developed a platform centered on healing the pet’s system with ingredients that cleanse, balance and fuel the gut, including a creative-tested tagline that brought it all together.

The winner?

Seameal Promotion

The marked, almost immediate benefits of Solid Gold’s SeaMeal supplement were too good not to share. So we developed a creative strategy that capitalized on this entry-point product to get new customers on board and brand-loyal.

For this campaign, we developed an animated Amazon platform video – along with shorter edits of the video that were used in social ads – promoting SeaMeal and its tangible, noticeable benefits.

Gut Health Videos

We were asked to create a library of animated videos to educate consumers on the importance of a healthy gut. The challenge here was writing the scripts economically, so certain sequences could be reused across videos.

When our client heard the scripts the first time, she “got chills.” And we were just getting to the good part about diverse microflora. She was so thrilled with the final product that she expanded the media buy to include connected TV.