RGA is an internationally recognized and traded reinsurance company. RGAX is its “transformation engine,” going beyond traditional R&D to explore the future of life insurance, considering variables and developing new strategies and products to stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape. And they asked UPBrand to help them communicate those goals to the world.

As an internationally-recognized company, RGA had an enormous amount of insights to impart during our discovery process. We interviewed 40 key stakeholders from around the world to gain unique perspectives on a global scale and surveyed 150 more to get a full picture of how best to communicate RGAX to the marketplace.

Building the identity for RGAX proved a tricky thing. On one hand, we needed to communicate this new branch was still backed by the power and name recognition of RGA. On the other, RGAX needed to stand apart as a distinct entity with its own unique capabilities. We achieved the right balance with our logo design, including a purposeful and strategic use of differentiating color.

With a new identity, we set to work redesigning the RGAX homepage from the ground up. Combining video, photography and graphic design, we were able reintroduce RGAX and its personality to its expansive audience.

To truly impart RGAX’s mission, we created a brandumentary that outlined RGAX’s goals and values to a global audience. This short video allows people to understand what RGAX does, how it does it and why it matters to not just them, but those around the world.