What’s a Klog? Klogs Footwear makes exceptionally comfortable shoes, especially for people who are on their feet all day. Contoured and slip-resistant, Klogs offers a safe and comfortable way to get through the most demanding days.

When UPBrand got involved, the Klogs brand was already well defined, but a deeper look at their sales by SKU indicated the top-selling shoes were solidly in the professional space. In partnership with UPBrand, Klogs repositioned the brand to target healthcare and hospitality employees.

This shift in strategy resulted in a new tagline based on the key insight that wearing Klogs not only gives you a pain-free work day, but also the energy to live your best life outside of work.

A creative campaign featured real-life healthcare scenarios to draw parallels between the qualities of a nurse and the benefits of Klogs. This drove an immediate connection between the brand and the healthcare industry.

A Package Deal

For a brand like Klogs, packaging is crucially important. At retail, it’s the first point of contact, and it needs to communicate not only what’s in the box, but also what the brand is about. We considered the consumer experience of pulling the box off the shelf, and provided them a surprise view of the Klogs tagline – and promise – of a better-quality shoe leading to a better-quality life.

Driving Sales

While retail remains an important sales avenue for Klogs, e-commerce offers better opportunities for margin and brand-building. Using a combination of social advertising, paid search and retargeting, we developed a full-funnel strategy to reach the right audience at the right time to make a purchase. We customized intent-based campaigns for each step of the process, continually tailoring our messaging to keep consumers engaged.

In 2019, our efforts focused on strategic paid search campaigns and enhancing the website user experience. We drove visits with fresh, colorful creative and smartly targeted social ads, which tripled click-through rates and doubled social engagements and impressions. Paid search campaign revenue increased 3.5x, with a 94% conversion rate year over year. And, after re-platforming and optimizing checkout, we improved online sales by 124% and conversion by 74%.

Ongoing Brand Building

In addition to our e-commerce work, we continue to connect with healthcare and hospitality audiences through organic social campaigns and industry-specific trade shows.