Ranken Technical College, offering a robust vocational education across various trades, is so much more than textbooks, lecture halls and general education. It’s a lab, a training facility and a workshop designed to get students to work. 

Like most technical colleges, Ranken is perceived by some as being an inferior educational route compared to a traditional four-year university. While they wanted to overcome that perception, UPBrand decided to dig into that hands-on training that separates Ranken from traditional educational routes. 


We supported our campaign with creative that played off this insight. Photography focused on students being more than students and classrooms being more than classrooms. Real students in real classrooms doing real-world activities.

Offline Support

The message continued through more traditional tactics to reinforce its power.  We developed a graphic truck wrap and matching catalogues that spoke to Ranken’s unique educational offerings.


Video spots allowed us to further expand on the story, demonstrating “students” in active learning environments, earning a degree in earning a living. We wanted to capture and demonstrate that hands-on learning to show what truly makes Ranken unique. In addition to the overall awareness messaging video here, we also created versions specifically targeted to women–one of Ranken’s desired targets.


With varying unique audience focuses like potential students, parents, campus locations, specialized programs and more, all digital ads had custom messaging and images specifically targeted to those demographics and geographics of the viewer. On top of display ads, we placed media across a variety of channels including Spotify, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and, yes, even TikTok. Alternate versions of the ads were run for complete A/B testing of the most effective creative.