High-proof, neutral and odorless, Everclear is an immensely versatile spirit with a lot of brand baggage. In the wake of the pandemic and the hand sanitizer shortage, Everclear saw a huge spike in sales for nontraditional homemade uses. To shed its notoriety and maintain the momentum the pandemic started, we shifted the strategy for this product from mixologist’s tool to DIY must-have.


Reestablishing Everclear as a DIY ingredient without positioning it as a completely unconsumable product took nuance. We achieved this nuanced approach by ensuring we didn’t stray too far from its consumable roots in recipe photography. By using appealing cues in our non-consumable imagery (like lavender and citrus), we ensured Everclear could remain a consumable product in our consumer’s eyes.

Brand Guidelines

As part of this pivot, we redefined the brand identity with an art deco color palette, crisp photography and blank canvas textures that plussed up the endless possibility that Everclear promises.


Dated, difficult to read and overly embellished, the old website needed a refresh aligned with the brand’s clean new direction. In addition to a design update, we developed a new user experience that used easy-to-navigate recipe pages and an “INSPO” subpage to take the website personality from lofty hipster mixologist to Pinterest-forward DIY-er.


Everclear had a Pinterest but not an Instagram or Facebook. We extended the identity we developed for Everclear and developed a brand design language for sharing influencer recipes and content we created to establish a cohesive look-and-feel.

Make it Your Own

To strengthen our foothold as a necessity for bars, pantries and cleaning closets alike, we tapped experts to develop carefully-crafted recipes and an approach that mimicked how-to cooking shows. We launched this effort in partnership with James Beard Award-winning chef Kevin Nashan, creating four recipe videos that leverage his celebrity to demonstrate Everclear’s use as a cooking ingredient.