Everclear’s a high-proof neutral spirit that, when used correctly, can extract and amplify flavors for some incredible cocktails. The key is getting consumers to look past the drink’s college party days’ baggage to see its mixologist possibilities.


  • Social Media
  • Video

New Bottle Launch

To help the brand shed that college reputation, Everclear overhauled their bottle, giving it a clean and refined look to better match the brand’s voice and attitude. We debuted the new bottle utilizing a new technology, Facebook Instant Experience, to give users a more in-depth and customized view of Everclear and let them interact with the brand at their own pace.

In a Snap

Looking at Everclear’s digital strategy, we began by analyzing their current social audience and identified the DIY/Foodie audience as an area for potential growth. These people crave short, snackable content that was clear and how-to based. And that’s exactly what we gave them with our In A Snap campaign: Quick, bright videos showing step-by-step instructions for easy-to-make infusions, tinctures and cocktails.

Utilizing a variety of placements for our bite-sized videos, we saw strong engagement numbers with a 50% view rate on YouTube (blitzing the average of 27%) and took advantage of Facebook’s In-Stream video placements to significantly expand the reach of the campaign.


One Bottle Holiday

With its high proof, a bottle of Everclear lasts over twice as long as other spirits. To display this (and showcase some delicious recipes at the same time), we created One Bottle Holiday, giving our audience infusion and cocktail ideas they could use as gifts or keep for themselves over the long holiday season. We topped off the campaign with a video, a collaboration with our partner Vidzu Media, featuring one long, digitally-created tracking shot to show Everclear’s longevity.