Opera Theatre of Saint Louis is a cultural cornerstone of our local community, but its renown goes global with over 26 world premieres and 27 American premieres debuting right here in St. Louis. OTSL is not only dedicated to putting on world-class performances, but also to championing more diversity, approachability and fun in the traditionally stuffy world of opera.

Redefining “A Night at the Opera”

Despite OTSL’s efforts to make opera exciting and enjoyable for people of all ages, it runs into the same problem arts organizations around the country face: how do you inspire a younger audience to fall in love with the arts? Our research showed these younger demographics valued art that facilitated social interaction, allowed for personal interaction with performers and fostered artistic immersion. We created an aggressive 360-degree campaign to raise awareness of OTSL’s welcoming features and showed how a night at the opera could be a vibrant social evening with friends as well as a top-tier, unforgettable experience.

Wanted: Posters

One of our favorite recurring projects at UPBrand is creating the show art for each OTSL performance. We’ve been doing it for the past four years, putting together key artwork for over 15 shows. Our designers get to let their imaginations run wild as we develop visuals that inspire and delight audiences, and give them a taste of the performance that’s yet to come. Here is a selection of some of our favorite pieces we’ve done over the years.

A Taste of Opera

Every year, OTSL puts on a number of small events, called Opera Tastings, to promote their upcoming season of shows. These events are perfectly targeted to younger audiences, letting them dip a toe into the opera pool in a relaxed atmosphere – and it doesn’t hurt that great food and drink is included!

UPBrand built an identity for Opera Tastings and has supported the program with digital campaigns to get the word out to this targeted audience.