Same name. Completely different product. Luxco approached us wanting to keep the name they’d trademarked for a discontinued product and resurrect it for a new vodka soda. And, with many seltzers hitting the market, we needed to rise above the rest to launch this new ready-to-drink.

Brand Strategy

For Vita Frute, our main differentiators are the formula – it’s a vodka soda, not a hard seltzer – and the target audience – less spring-breaker, more farmers-market-goer. By carefully defining our consumer (and not just saying “millennials!”) we were able to create authentic messaging and a specific direction for our creative.


Developing taglines starts with a deep discovery process, which includes administering consumer surveys, gathering competitive analyses, building messaging frameworks and distilling all of that information down into a brand platform. The tagline, of course, is the essence of that brand platform.

For this brand, our tagline had to communicate our differentiators and our brand promise – Vita Frute Vodka Soda is made from less, so you can enjoy it more.

Ultimately, “The Fresh Way to Vodka” won out by turning its clear category marker into a verb.

Brand Guidelines

New brand? New brand guidelines. This fresh little booklet was created to keep assets aligned across platforms. From the consumer profile to the logo use, every decision was carefully made to build equity in the Vita Frute brand.


With a strategy couched in a specific, free-spirited lifestyle, we needed lifestyle, tabletop and product photography that appealed directly to our consumer.

Beach, Please

Everywhere you look, there’s a new seltzer. And every seltzer you see is on a friggin’ beach. When a crowded market also becomes a crowded creative approach, that’s where you find an opportunity to stand out. This year, we helped position Vita Frute as a drink enjoyed in any season. It punches up park picnics in the spring and adds an extra bit of crispness to wintry activities like ice skating. We developed — and continue to develop — this positioning with lifestyle photography, stop-motion animation and illustrative nods to packaging.

Just Add Bubbles

The ready-to-drink drink strategy is usually pretty simple. It’s ready. To drink.

But, for our target market of adventurous creative-types and hosts-with-the-most, we needed to create cocktails that celebrated seasonal flavors and truly made Vita Frute the freshest way to vodka.

We collaborated with partner brand Exotico to create a Just Add Bubbles retail campaign, as well as a cocktail booklet that helped dealers see how they could cross-merchandise with cocktail ingredients.