El Mayor is a handcrafted tequila grown in the highlands of Jalisco and aged using processes perfected by four generations of González family distillers. Time and again, El Mayor has earned its place as a premium tequila through awards, accolades and innovation. But with dated branding and a new expression launch on the horizon, El Mayor needed a sophisticated digital facelift to stand out in the extraordinarily crowded tequila market.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Identity Creation
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Website Design

Brand Guidelines

As part of ushering in a cleaner, brighter brand look and feel, we developed an extensive toolkit that keeps the brand cohesive across channels. Textures and colors were inspired by the adobe buildings of Mexico, while inky illustrations gave the brand an elevated, personal touch, not unlike the brand’s handmade tequila product.

The brand guidelines included photography do’s and don’ts for distributing to influencer partners, boilerplate copy for quick reference and typography rules that captured the exquisite elegance of El Mayor.


Along with El Mayor’s updated look – which introduced luxe textures, elegant linework and a refined color palette – we launched a sleeker digital ecosphere, complete with a featured recipe carousel and easy-to-access expressions for a better user experience.

New Bottle Design

In developing a campaign that would help announce and promote recognition of El Mayor’s newly designed bottle, we had to create something that would remain visually fresh despite constant use of bottle heroes while staying uniquely El Mayor.

Thus was the Elements concept – a concept that places the bottle at the center of imagery that evokes the flavor profiles and notes of each of El Mayor’s tequila expressions. We created Instagram static images and gifs with peppercorns, floral illustrations, caramel animations and gilded fruit photography to demonstrate the bold flavors of El Mayor while not fatiguing the audience with bottle shots.

We also developed a :15 YouTube pre-roll remotely during the coronavirus pandemic to help promote Drizly delivery messaging during a peak in YouTube use.

Cristalino Launch

To capture the premium nature of the brand and generate excitement for the rare launch of a new expression, we delivered an artful campaign inspired by the ink on the packaging and its key expression differentiators: clarity and flavor.

This visually stunning campaign was the most successful initiative of the year, raking in over 77% of 2019 post engagements. What’s more, static content engagement reached efficiency levels normal of video content, resulting in optimized performance of the overall campaign.

Tequila Sunsets

Unlike summers past, the summer of 2020 was filled with global uncertainty and panic. What’s more, the digital space was inundated with content for the sake of content. So when we needed to develop a summer digital campaign for El Mayor Tequila, we knew we had to bring value to consumers to rise above the noise of the content deluge.

With brilliant, sunset-inspired photography, thoughtful mantras and ways to relax after a long day, the Tequila Sunset campaign brought a glimmer of much-needed tranquility to Instagram feeds every sunset for 18 days.

From our Family to Yours

Our holiday campaign was an organic push to develop follower awareness of the legacy of El Mayor. By creating special cocktails named for each González family member, and tying them to the family’s holiday traditions, we opened their home to consumers and deepened brand loyalty across social channels.