El Mayor is a handcrafted tequila grown in the highlands of Jalisco and aged using processes perfected by four generations of González family distillers. Time and again, El Mayor has earned its place as a premium tequila through awards, accolades and innovation. But with dated branding and a new expression launch on the horizon, El Mayor needed a sophisticated digital facelift to stand out in the extraordinarily crowded tequila market.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Website Design

Cristalino Launch

To capture the premium nature of the brand and generate excitement for the rare launch of a new expression, we delivered an artful campaign inspired by the ink on the packaging and its key expression differentiators: clarity and flavor.

This visually stunning campaign was the most successful initiative of the year, raking in over 77% of 2019 post engagements. What’s more, static content engagement reached efficiency levels normal of video content, resulting in optimized performance of the overall campaign.

From our Family to Yours

Our holiday campaign was an organic push to develop follower awareness of the legacy of El Mayor. By creating special cocktails named for each González family member, and tying them to the family’s holiday traditions, we opened their home to consumers and deepened brand loyalty across social channels.

Delayed Gratification

In an effort to boost follows on El Mayor’s new Instagram account, the Delayed Gratification campaign slowly unveiled a handcrafted prize that could be won by following the account. Through a series of videos, a side table was painstakingly crafted from used El Mayor aging barrels, deepening interest in both the mysterious prize and the artisanship of El Mayor Tequila.


Along with El Mayor’s updated look – which introduced luxe textures, elegant linework and a refined color palette – we launched a sleeker digital ecosphere, complete with a featured recipe carousel and easy-to-access expressions for a better user experience.

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