Founded by renowned country music artist Thomas Rhett and his cousin Jeff Worn, Dos Primos Tequila is a fine sippin’ blanco made for sharing with those who know you best.

Thomas and Jeff wanted a tequila brand that married Mexican tradition, southern sensibility, familial bonds and a love for the outdoors. So, we created a brand persona that gave spirits like bourbon and Tennessee whiskey a run for its money — a pure tequila perfect for passing around the campfire.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaign Development
  • Identity Creation
  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Website Design

Brand Identity

As part of the Dos Primos launch, we were tasked with creating brand guidelines that would ensure consistency in design and tone across all channels and deliverables. We began the process by executing a competitive analysis and establishing a target consumer. From there, we developed a brand platform rooted in the product’s attributes and distilled that platform down into a single, own-able brand promise: Dos Primos Tequila makes anywhere feel like home.

Using that brand promise, we built a design language and personality that allowed Dos Primos to authentically connect with our target audience. Decisions like textures, color palettes and photography guidelines all were carefully made to support the brand promise and product attributes.

:30 SPOT

Thomas Rhett’s twang. A little guitar plucking. And a honey-sweet script all about Dos Primos Tequila. The commercial we delivered captures the authenticity, breathability and purity of the tequila with rugged shots and a little poetry to match.


Lifestyle photography with Thomas, Jeff and friends set the brand’s intimate, outdoorsy tone. Product photography with well-placed environmental nods invites consumers to imagine sharing Dos Primos with friends just about anywhere.

We developed sepia treatments for Dos Primos photography that conveyed the warmth of friendship and the salt-of-the-earth personalities of our consumers.

Nothing captures the essence of country life better than good, old-fashioned storytelling. There’s poetry in every howl of wind, reverence in every moonlit pond, treasure in every bit of laughter shared. That’s why we deployed this storytelling technique to give Dos Primos its genuine country voice.


Dos Primos needed a website as simple, sweet and sippable as the premium tequila behind their label.

To match the tone of the brand, we created a website experience that told the story of the tequila. Like Dos Primos, the single-page scroll and minimal copy invites you to stay a little longer.


With a spirits launch comes a lot of work.

Brand guidelines. Print ads. Digital ads. Case bin art. Shelf talkers. Social. Swag. Influencer materials. And more.

While some pieces leveraged Thomas Rhett’s celebrity, our graphic treatments brought together country-inspired poster artwork and transporting elements of home — the scent of magnolias in full bloom, the sound of coyotes hollerin’ in the distance and the glimmer of the sun on the lake — all to carve out a new space for tequila.

Here’s some of that good stuff.