We staunchly believe in and support the Black Lives Matter human rights movement.

We are inspired by those who have effected change throughout history – Harriet, Fannie, Ella, James, Martin, Malcolm, Angela, Marsha. And we are galvanized by the transformation of this watershed moment.

As a workplace, we stand against the silent racism and prejudices that hold Black people back in our and many other industries. We can say we’ve marched with our St. Louis neighbors in the fight for justice. We can say we’ve taken the time to make uncomfortable conversations. We can say we need to try more. But we can also look around our agency and see that we need to do better. That better starts now.

Join us in supporting a movement for Black freedom, inclusivity, affirmation and justice.

Join us in learning how to take action in our industry.

Join us in amplifying Black talent in our region.