A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

July 31, 2018

How BANG Energy Exploded into the Health and Fitness Supplement Market

By Peyton Mogley

Around this time a year ago, I started to become increasingly aware my Instagram feed was being populated with colorful drink cans trademarked with a lowercase “b.” Back then, these cans were what I perceived to be the next big thing in the workout realm–notably featured on fitness influencer profiles. How did this product infiltrate Instagram so suddenly? Why? Being a fitness fanatic myself, it certainly provoked my curiosity.


BANG, distributed by Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc., was created to disrupt the “health destroying” category of energy drinks to be more health promoting, as backed by scientific research. Ever since BANG’s launch, they’ve been growing by successfully leveraging brand enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is shared by its inventors and advocates alike, creating a brand appeal that entices new audiences while satisfying existing customers. But how? Let’s take a look at the social marketing strategies that have led to BANG’s success.


Understand Brand Audience

By striking a balance between the rational and health conscious benefits of its ingredients, BANG is able to hype up the emotional investment in their brand culture. BANG uses strong, idealistic masculine/feminine appeal and an adventurous approach to attract thrill seekers and those looking to be a part of the in-crowd. BANG pays special attention to how their audience has been disappointed by competing nutrition and energy drink brands in the past and uses that disappointment to fuel how they conceptualize their benefits. BANG listens to their audience’s wants, welcomes their feedback and uses this as a basis to focus marketing their product content. By understanding their audience, BANG sees high engagement and return on sponsored content. Hub-Spot says companies who invest in social selling have seen their revenue growth at least double!

BANG Instagram


Utilize Instagram Influencers

Many attribute the rapid growth to the positive reception of what the brand calls the “BANG Revolution.” This is an experiential marketing movement comprised of more than 92 million Instagram followers, led by employed social media influencers that travel across the country–and even the world–to network with fans. Social Influencers range from models, dancers, shufflers and a handful of celebrity fitness icons frequently on the move, busting cans of BANG in a group, posting BOGO codes, crowd surfing, grooving, flipping, shaking, shuffling and partying with people at the GoPro Games, Fitspo or even on local retail sample days. Essentially what it would look like if there were hundreds of Energizer bunnies at a Marshmello concert, but instead of just a one-time gig, it’s like being in many places at once.


Targeted Brand Fashion

BANG influencers and brand ambassadors alike are decked out in matching, glowing, highlighter-colored apparel. And, if you are a 20-something like me, odds are you’re drawn to the stylistic retro colors of the ‘80s and might be excited by the fact anyone can purchase the BANG ‘look’ online through social media. This includes specialty drinks, t-shirts, bags, jackets, crop tops, swimsuits and more. This is important because it allows BANG to permeate beyond just being the beverage in someone’s life and become a culture instead. On top of that the frequent giveaways, meet and greets, cash prizes, free samples, products and apparel keep audiences fervently engaged. This brand demands attention from a niche that’s consistently on the lookout for the latest and greatest thing in the health and fitness industry!

BANG Instagram


User-Generated Content

This much hype, both sponsored and organic, also helps BANG receive plenty of user-generated content pieces and grow revenue through social media. In 2016, AListDaily said “71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on a social media reference” and that percentage is even higher if the audience feels that the brand shares comparable values with them. The fit and high energy persona of each brand ambassador helps promote the brand image–giving off a fun-loving, attainable cool factor audiences absolutely want to be a part of, in-person and online! I know I did. These ambassadors do a great job of getting the attention of their demographic (18-45 years old) and encouraging them to drink BANG in order to push boundaries, have fun and be adventurous–all to become a better version of themselves. I’m convinced, at least that’s how their content drew me in (#AdrenalineJunkieVibes).


BANG wants to be on your radar and they’re doing it the right way. Smart Insights states that “49% of organizations do not have a clearly defined digital marketing strategy.” Could you imagine if that same percentage worked harder to possess a more refined digital strategy based on their audience’s desires to build up their brand presence? Perhaps they too could be trending close to a billion-dollar valuation.

It makes you wonder: What can your company learn from implementing a better and more targeted digital strategy?


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