The Peabody Institute

The Peabody Institute is the oldest and one of the most prestigious music conservatories in the US, if not the world. It has honed and nurtured the talents of composers, vocalists and musicians for generations and holds over 1,000 performances and events on its campus every school year.


RGA is an internationally recognized and traded reinsurance company. RGAX is its “transformation engine,” going beyond traditional R&D to explore the future of life insurance, considering variables and developing new strategies and products to stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape. And they asked UPBrand to help them communicate those goals to the world.

The Goddard School

Voted as the number one franchise company in the country by a leading trade magazine, The Goddard School® brand has long enjoyed a positive reputation as a leader in franchising and in providing premium childhood development, reaching more than 65,000 students in over 460 schools across the nation.

STL Symphony

A world-renowned, 130-year-old institution, the St. Louis Symphony is a cultural cornerstone of the city, but it has also dealt with its fair share of turmoil. During some particularly significant financial troubles and tension among its musicians, the symphony turned to UPBrand to help reposition itself to better reflect its essence and place in the community.

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