TRUE has been making high-quality fitness equipment for homes and gyms since 1981. They’re dedicated to building innovative products and features that push the limits of traditional cardio and strength equipment, always with their customers’ needs at the center.

Vita Frute

Same name. Completely different product. Luxco approached us wanting to keep the name they’d trademarked for a discontinued product and resurrect it for a new vodka soda. And, with many seltzers hitting the market, we needed to rise above the rest to launch this new ready-to-drink.


In the midst of the COVID crisis, UPBrand leaned into a desire to thank essential workers. Joining with members of sister companies within Nitrous Effect, we inspired The St. Louis Blues and Cardinals to publicly spearhead the initiative. We facilitated the planning task force, including leaders of our sports teams and several civic decision makers.

UPBrand was privileged to develop the name, identity and all brand assets for Rise Up For Heroes, including content support of a televised fundraiser for the COVID fund.

Not only did we lift spirits, we raised significant relief donations.

KLOGS Footwear

What’s a Klog? Klogs Footwear makes exceptionally comfortable shoes, especially for people who are on their feet all day. Contoured and slip-resistant, Klogs offers a safe and comfortable way to get through the most demanding days.

Solid Gold

In 2018, Solid Gold Pet came to us to help them codify their position in the marketplace – one traditionally divided between natural diets and science-based diets. But were they a natural brand in the science-based brand space, or were they a science-based brand in the natural space? After some research and testing, we established that Solid Gold Pet ownably served both. Their food provides science-backed benefits thanks to their natural ingredient formulations. Over the years, UPBrand has helped Solid Gold Pet evolve their strategy from taking competitors head-on to developing a new space in the market. We’ve educated target consumers by making approachable, science-backed videos. And we’ve broken through key retailers like Petsmart and Petco with original positioning, strategic digital tactics and thoughtful campaigns.

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis is a cultural cornerstone of our local community, but its renown goes global with over 26 world premieres and 27 American premieres debuting right here in St. Louis. OTSL is not only dedicated to putting on world-class performances, but also to championing more diversity, approachability and fun in the traditionally stuffy world of opera.

Virgin Hotels

Virgin is an iconic brand with flashy origins and a charismatic leader. As a champion for consumers everywhere, Virgin is in the business of disrupting industries and breathing new life into them.

Next up? The hotel business. With a master brand already established, UPBrand was selected from a competitive group to lead the employee branding effort.


High-proof, neutral and odorless, Everclear is an immensely versatile spirit with a lot of brand baggage. In the wake of the pandemic and the hand sanitizer shortage, Everclear saw a huge spike in sales for nontraditional homemade uses. To shed its notoriety and maintain the momentum the pandemic started, we shifted the strategy for this product from mixologist’s tool to DIY must-have.


RGA is an internationally recognized and traded reinsurance company. RGAX is its “transformation engine,” going beyond traditional R&D to explore the future of life insurance, considering variables and developing new strategies and products to stay ahead of an ever-changing landscape. And they asked UPBrand to help them communicate those goals to the world.

The Goddard School

Voted as the number one franchise company in the country by a leading trade magazine, The Goddard School® brand has long enjoyed a positive reputation as a leader in franchising and in providing premium childhood development, reaching more than 65,000 students in over 460 schools across the nation.

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