A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

August 17, 2018

Heating Up At UPBrand

By UPBrand Collaborative

After a quick week of actual spring weather, we are deep into a hot and humid Missouri summer. But the temperature's not the only thing that's been rising: UPBrand's been firing on all cylinders, concepting social media campaigns, shooting videos, naming buildings, designing murals, planning photoshoots, and working with our clients to strategize for their future. Despite all this activity, we did find a few ways to have fun as well. You can read all about our recent work – and play – below.

Horse Hooky

Team News

We made our way to Fairmount Park Racetrack for our 4th annual Horse Hooky excursion. We all left with a little less money (who knew a horse named Aggro Crag could lose?), but a lot of great memories.

Our team also spent a day volunteering at The Kingdom House. They do great work with kids and families in our community, and it was our honor to help them out by restocking their shelves, landscaping their grounds and preparing supplies for their summer education program.

And we added another member to the UPBrand family since last time. Welcome Peyton Mogley, our newest Brand Management Intern!




Our 2018 Opera Theatre of Saint Louis show art posters were displayed at the AIGA Design Show 23. We thank the American Institute of Graphic Arts for inviting us to be part of their show. It was a great evening to see our friends in the industry and celebrate our creativity. We've just put the finishing touches on OTSL's 2019 show art, so keep an eye out for details on their next season!


Data Design

Data Driven vs Design Driven

Both are important, but we see data as essential components for design thinking throughout the process. Designing effectively begins with empathy. Qualitative data gathered through interviews, observation and cultural anthropology allows us to feel what the end user feels. Quantitative data come in handy too—and are essential to testing and prototyping. Yet there is a lot that happens in between the gathering of data, developing insights and, finally, testing. This part of the process—the magic middle if you will—relies on the interpretation, ingenuity and being open to learning from success and failure.

For more insight on that magic middle of strategic design, follow us on our socials for the upcoming full article!


A Look at Some of Our Work

Everclear - In A Snap


Drink infusions are big these days, but who has time or patience to wait 24–48 hours for all those flavors to actually infuse? Not us, certainly. And that's where Everclear comes in. These recipes utilize infusions that are ready in minutes, not hours, letting consumers enjoy great cocktails today instead of scheduling it for down the road. 

Our team put together a series of videos showing how quick and easy these infusion recipes are to make. You can view them on Everclear's Facebook page now and they're already beating industry benchmarks by over 25%. With other videos to follow, those numbers are only going to get higher!


Exotico - Tacos & Tequila Social Campaign


We here at UPBrand are big fans of tacos, but we're not big fans of imposing rules on when it's acceptable to eat them. Thankfully, Exotico agreed, so we created a social media campaign designed to demolish the Taco Tuesday establishment and free tacos to be eaten any day and every day (and to pair them with Exotico Tequila, of course.)

These posts have been blowing up, reaching over 185,000 people while snagging over 590,000 impressions and 70,000 engagements. That's a lot of new members to our #TacoParty!



Client Spotlight

KLOGS Footwear makes shoes that are perfect for those in the health and hospitality industries. And they know that once someone has tried KLOGS, they instantly become a favorite shoe. So how do you get people into a pair of KLOGS and increase those sales conversions on their website? That's what KLOGS asked of us.

We started by expanding their reach, building their awareness and targeting those consumers who were ready to buy. Using a mix of paid search and targeted Facebook advertising, we drove more consumers through the KLOGS sales funnel. Our creative adapted to the data and our A/B tested messages got more focused over time.

The results were staggering, seeing increases in website sessions, page views and click-through rates. But we're most proud of the 13x return on ad spend through Facebook and the double in monthly revenue for our client. Now everyone's got a new favorite pair of shoes.

View the full case study! 


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