A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

March 7, 2017

Package Design: It's the Little Things that Count

By Myranda Harnage

At UPBrand, we are thoroughly encouraged to be innovative and to seek new and refreshing ways of delivering information to businesses and consumers alike. Sometimes this is easy; clients have an interesting problem to solve and allow the designers full creativity. But, sometimes, there seem to be barriers keeping artists from stretching their creative wings.

I see this a lot in packaging. It’s hard to deliver innovation when you are charged with incorporating mundane things like legal copy, nutritional facts, and barcodes. Or perhaps the item packaged is as dull as white tube socks. These are the problems I love to see solved. What inspires me the most is when designers take very small liberties with these boring details.


Product as a Part of the Packaging

Sometimes it’s best to let the actual product shine—let the design take a step back or use it to enhance the products’ features or uses.



Small Meaningful Nuances

There are certain types of products, like shoes and beverages, that we see all the time with pretty consistent packaging. Rather than trying to be overly flashy to stand out from the crowd, it’s refreshing to see a brand try something subtle and smart.




I know it seems weird to give something as commonplace as barcodes their own category but that’s exactly the reason why I did. When I see packaging that incorporates a unique take on the evil necessity of a barcode, my heart swoons. There’s nothing quite as crushing as creating a beautiful package design and then having to add the crucial fine print and barcodes. There is absolutely no reason that barcodes need to be a hindrance to good design.



Packaging as a Tool

Here we have a very clever packaging idea that isn’t always obvious at the store. I rarely realize when I’m buying things that the packaging might be there to help you use the product. It’s usually as simple as a lid used as a utensil or an interaction with the shape of the packaging that calls back to the actual product inside.


We don’t always get to work with large budgets or adventurous clients but at UPBrand we are always encouraged to create with innovation in mind. It’s best to deliver an experience rather than slapping together fun design with boring necessities. When there is cohesion between the parts of a whole, design works. 


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