A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

June 21, 2016

The Wild World of Video Production

By Rachel Geringer

At UPBrand, we like to say that we are both thinkers and makers. And, as makers, we bring our ideas and our clients’ brands to life. Increasingly, this means producing video content. According to Statista, adults consume an average of 68 minutes of video content daily on their digital devices. By 2017, we can expect that to increase by as much as 5 minutes.

Creating a few minutes or even seconds of compelling video requires the minds, eyes, ears and hands of not only our own UPBrand team and clients, but the talents of many others. As an agency producer, my job is to make sure that the trains run on time and on budget, and that no one gets “hangry” on us in the process.

The videos we produce for our clients tell brand stories, launch products, help drive sales and beyond. There is a producer’s story behind each of these videos, and I’m going to take you behind-the-scenes to share a little of the good, the challenging and the unexpected.


The Good

The Locations... There’s no doubt video takes you places…both figuratively and literally. In the literal sense, being on location can range from an in-house studio to a concert venue halfway across the country. It often means early mornings and late nights, city hopping and hotel stays. This may fall in the category of “the bad” for some, but for me, a travel obsessed 28-year-old, it is most certainly “the good.” Instead of the office coffee, the day may instead start with some of Seattle’s best. Similarly, instead of a happy hour at the local watering hole, the day may end with a wrap party to the sound of Paris Hilton spinning on the ones and twos. I count switching up routines and work out of the office as a solid “check” in the good column.

Video Production 1


The People... Video production provides an opportunity to collaborate with and learn from other amazing professionals. Working alongside a master cinematographer, actor or editor is an immense source of inspiration. They push me to ensure they have everything they need to express their talents and vision, and finally to put the polish on a great product everyone can be proud of.  

Video Production 2


The Pride... After the meticulous planning and executing, nothing really feels better than seeing that final video that pleases the client and delivers the results they need.


The Challenging

The Exhaustion...If you want the standard 9 to 5, don’t go into photo or video production. A typical “full day” is ten hours and most shoots spread across multiple days. Add to that a crazy travel schedule and that breaks are rare, producing a video is a recipe for exhaustion. Luckily for me, I have a special talent for being able sleep anywhere.

Video Production 3


The Pressure... After a concept has been developed, the baton is passed to the production team to make this idea happen in a certain number of days, and for a certain budget—no pressure! Every minute of the schedule and every dollar is accounted for, and critical to the project. My job is to make sure everyone is on their A-Game, and in problem-solving mode when the unexpected happens.

One Shot


The Unexpected

The Talent... Occasionally, it’s not within the client’s budget to hire professional talent. When that’s the case, you rely on people who are willing to volunteer their time in exchange for little, or, more often, nothing. And there have been many times when you’re ready to shoot, and your unpaid talent is a no-show. That’s one of those moments when problem-solving skills come in handy, which has meant making guest appearances in a number of videos.

Because, after all, no matter how wild things get behind the scenes, the show must go on.  

Video Production 4 

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