A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

May 5, 2016

Inspiration is Everywhere: "The Perks of Being a People Person"

By Erin Barner

Unlike my creative counterparts, as a member of the Brand Management team I don’t spend my days at UPB HQ creating kick ass designs or writing eloquent copy. So naturally, being tasked with writing a blog post, about creative inspiration at that, caused me to short-circuit for a bit. Instead I spend my time cultivating relationships—with clients, partners and coworkers. Which as you might imagine, requires its own source of inspiration.

My millennial upbringing has led me to crave constant connections with people, and I find myself seeking out the company of others when I am looking to feel inspired. Lucky for me, I get to work at an agency and in an industry where I’m exposed to a wide variety of personalities, so I’m never short on inspirational fuel.

There are endless ways I’m inspired by the people around me, but I’ll try to stick with my 3 favorites.


1. They’re Unique
While most apples don’t fall far from the tree, each and every individual is just that—an individual. Understanding the uniqueness of each person adds joy and meaning to the process of creating relationships.

UPBrand HalloweenBecause each person is different, every human interaction offers an opportunity to learn and grow. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are in some way molded by every interaction we have. I learn something new every day from colleagues or clients, which shapes the way I think.

What’s really inspiring about our differences is that we are able to overcome them. We connect and form communities despite them. This creates a productive ecosystem formed from our unique talents and personalities.

At UPBrand, we try to identify each individual employee’s talents early. Each of us completes a Gallup Strengths Finder assessment as part of our onboarding process. We then use its results to capitalize on our strengths and facilitate collaboration between a diverse team.


2. They’re Challenging
As a very competitive individual, I never shy away from a challenge. I particularly enjoy the challenge of getting to know someone and winning them over (which I learned was my top strength thanks to our onboarding process). Connecting with others requires an investment of time, energy and patience with no guarantee of a positive return. Sometimes people are the absolute worst. Even if you get past the occasional (and totally normal) desire to strangle them to establish a relationship, maintaining it is just as challenging.

Why, you ask? Because we are unique and each person has their own agenda and desire to fulfill their passion & dreams. Working with others requires that we overcome our stubborn natures and resist self-serving impulses. This takes striking a balance between your own ideas and needs and those of others. It may be one hell of an adventure to get there, but when you do it can be incredibly rewarding.

UPBrand approaches every new client relationship this way. We love to find connections and build trust early on, and to assure clients that we’re all working toward the same goal, which is to make them successful and have fun along the way.


UPBrand Strategy Meeting3. They’re Empowering
Perhaps the most inspiring attribute of the human race is our ability to empower one another.

Because so much of what we do requires original thinking and problem-solving, it’s critical to surround yourself with others that help nurture individual talents and foster creativity.

My colleagues, friends and clients help me uncover new things about myself almost daily, ultimately contributing to my development as a professional, and an individual.


UPBrand’s culture, which was built around people, is an integral part of our success as an agency. I am fortunate to have found such an inspiring agency culture, and I’m proud to call UPBrand home.

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