A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

October 13, 2015

Inspiration is Everywhere: "I Live Life Like Everyday is Halloween"

By Myranda Harnage

Note: When you are in the business of ideas and design, you become a tenacious explorer of the world around you. In this post, Myranda, UPBrand designer and curator of the macabre, shares with us just some of the bizarre and awesome things she's found as she strives to become the Martha (or Morticia) Stewart of oddities.


I live life like everyday is Halloween.

Naturally, this makes October a very exciting and important time for me. It’s the time of year when spooky, macabre, and weird things run rampant and I find inspiration everywhere. Halloween influences every part of my life—from my art to my dress to even the way I decorate my house.

As wonderful as they are (and dangerous to my bank account!), I can always expect a slew of beautiful, irreverent Halloween themed shirts to hit the interwebs on October 1st. Sites like teefuryRIPT, and teevillian are some of my favorites with designs that are constantly inspiring my personal artwork.


I am moved by bold juxtaposition. I love art and objects that challenge what’s perceived to be normal. When I was in Austin, I came across an amazing wall mural of the Creature from the Black Lagoon. I assumed it was a tattoo parlor or an art gallery, but I found that it’s actually a normal yoga studio. As far as objects, I can never get enough of all the adorable monster toys that appear for Halloween. It’s great when a horror icon elicits a loud “AWWW!” and a hug to follow. Twists like these motivate me to create something unique and unexpected.

Halloween Figures

Oh, Portland. Halloween in this city was a dream come true. In particular, there’s a fantastic curiosity shop called Paxton Gate that carries things like taxidermy, mounted insects, exotic plants, art and jewelry. It specializes in the unique, strange, and beautiful, but regularly helps educate the community on otherwise taboo subjects. Over the years, my walls have grown to look more and more like this shop.

Halloween Interior

What I like to take away from Halloween is that it’s a holiday for creation. Whether you carve up a pumpkin or you transform your entire house into a haunted mansion, you’re creating. It’s the one night of the year when you can be anyone or anything that you want. But wouldn’t it be better if it didn’t have to be just one night?

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