A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

April 1, 2015

A Fools' Blog

By Jody Bivens

While nothing is yet to top the great UPBrand yarn fiasco of 2014, April Fools’ Day still made its way into the offices at 1220 Olive Street. Rachel left passive-aggressive notes on our cars, alerting us that a nameless perpetrator had hit our vehicles in the parking lot and then driven away. In an effort that only seemed like fair retribution, someone then snuck onto Rachel’s computer and sent out a company-wide email offering free hugs. And, to top it all off, Meredith called an out-of-town client saying she’d made an impromptu trip into town for a meeting that was occurring within the hour. There was no meeting, there was no damage to our cars, but there were a few free hugs. All in all, April's fool had his day.

And while 2015 was more tame than usual for UPBrand, this April 1 marketers and brands alike tried their hand at out-fooling the rest. While there were many good contenders, here are a few that nabbed our attention.


Play PAC-MAN in Google Maps

In a fun and engaging April Fools’ Day trick, Google Maps gave users the ability to play PAC-MAN along city streets anywhere in the world. I personally played around downtown St. Louis and my own neighborhood of Tower Grove.



Selfie sticks seemed to be all the rage this April Fools' Day, with multiple companies putting out selfie-related spoofs. Two that caught our eye were those for Motorolla and ThinkGeek.



In a beautifully produced piece about artisan selfie sticks, a grown man with a healthy beard is nearly brought to tears comparing the well-crafted accessories to the sun turning rain into a rainbow. ‘Nuff said.




“Narcissism comes full cirlcle” with the 360° Selfie Rig, brought to you by ThinkGeek. Now you can capture all the awesome things that happen throughout your day from every angle possible. This one’s a must-have in my book.




Zappos STFU Service

Zappos took their customer service game to a whole new level with their new offering—STFU service. The acronym—a clever double entendre—really stands for Save Time For U, and Zappos boasts that it will let us enjoy more personal time in our lives. I’d give it a whirl. Would you?




The Price is Right

In a charming April Fools' edition of The Price is Right, legendary host Bob Barker returned to the game show. The 91-year-old even gave away, what else, A NEEEWWW CAAAARRRR!





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