A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

A peek into our culture, personalities and passions.

January 18, 2013


By UPBrand Collaborative

Parkway School District has long been viewed as one of the top public districts in the country. As part of their on-going evolution, they embarked on an ambitious strategic planning process that led to the re-conception of the core elements and process of delivering a top-notch public education.

Having codified their new direction, it was time to generate excitement about the new approach among the community and their key constituents.

The opportunity we revealed for Parkway was that this new plan signified a new day… and an opportunity to create a whole new, fresh image for the district whose image, though still very positive, had become a bit stale.

In addition to a new message platform, we also developed a new tagline, logo & mark, along with a new signature style and brand standards for implementation.

UPBrand then created a powerful storytelling device in a brandumentary that used as part of roll-out events and meetings throughout the St. Louis community (and posted on Parkway’s new site).

The new identity and strategic plan have been well received and Parkway’s internal team is now implementing the new brand standards across their entire enterprise.

Visit our portfolio to see more of our work with Parkway Schools, or check out our education case study to learn about our rich experience in education marketing.


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